Our objective is to provide everyone a sustainable way 
to protect themselves and their loved ones. Our products use high-quality cloth material that fits snugly to your face; without compromising your breathing...or your fashion statement!


Our products are responsibly sourced from our home country; Vietnam. By supporting our business, you are not only receiving fashion accessories that protect your; but you also are supporting families abroad in more ways you can imagine.


Our manufacturers have been in the manufacturing industry for decades and they originate from Vietnam. When they were approached by our mission to use only high-quality clothe and double-stitch design; they were more than happy to take us on.

Although the cost was slightly higher to manufacture a higher-grade product; we believe that whoen it comes to protecting yourself, friends and families safety and comfort is of most importance.

Our products and suppliers are responsibly sourced and selected; ensuring sustainability and job creating in other countries. Shop with a conscience and peace of mind.